Thursday, 15 July 2010

Digi-pack cover and Magazine Advert

Digi-pack Cover
We chose these images as they make the artist look casual but in charge. The monochrome colour scheme matches our video so that all the products related to it are recognizable to an audience. We included quotes to show our product in a good light so people are more likely to buy it. We chose images on the spine of the DVD cover of glow stars from the video, this links to the 'celebrity lifestyle' atmosphere of the video.

Magazine Advert
Our magazine cover includes an image from the back of our DVD cover.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Analysis of music DVD

Madonna 93:99

Title - Font colour matches main colours used the artist image, Font style is clean and modern to show that Madonna is still for a younger audience.
Tag-line - descriptive tag-line tells the audience what the DVD is about, tag-line is written in a different colour that still fits in with the colour scheme
Main Image - medium close up of Madonna shows how she still looks young, Dynamic pose shows how she can dance
Costume - Asian style costume makes her seem exotic and mysterious
Title - Repeated on back of cover
Blurb - List of videos featured on the DVD
Classification - PG certificate informs buyers of how suitable it is for them
Logos - Logos of Warner Music, Warner Reprise Video, Warner Brothers and copy protection

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Brainstorming: Images for the DVD cover

We could use these images in colour or in black and white

Response to Feedback

Positive feedback included the fact that our background with glowing stars matched the lyrics and that the sunglasses fitted the genre.
We feel that some of the feedback on our video was somewhat unfair as we used many conventions used music videos of a similar genre but group did not pick up on it.
In order to improve our video we could make sure a camera had enough battery to film before we left so that we could get more footage.

andrew scarlett kate micheal

It wasnt very energetic for the type of genre, or colourful. However the editing was very good which could fit a typical convention of the characteristics for a grime/hip-hop music video.

As the video did not empahsis the lyrics it was good they had lip syncing, as it ment the audience could understand what he was saying, this challenged the conventions of this type of video.

The background had stars on it, which fitted with the lyrics of the song, which was good.

The voyeurism was focused on the 'models' we think it should have been focused more on the lead artist.
U2 - 57
The music video genre is hip-hop/RnB. We found the music video quite boring as noting happened other than people turning around and taking sunglasses off and putting them back on. On the other hand the lip syncing was very precise and fit perfectly.
The hip-hop/RnB genre characterisics were not really met as the action of the girls wasn't very typical of this genre.
Also more could've been done to sell the artist as there wasn't much focus on the singer during the song, and he didn't show off the rest of his body which is a typical aspect of this genre.
The backdrop fitted the music and lyrics, but apart from that nothing else in the video fitted the music or lyrics.
We could improve the video by showing off more of the singer and selling the artisc in more locations.

Voyeurism - Close ups of the main singer and other girls.
Genre Characteristics - Matched the real video, like the effects where it fades in and out. you expect to see the main singer who is usually a man. They used sunglasses which is a characteristic of rnb music.
Visuals/Music - The music matched the beat and tempo
Visuals/Lyrics - The song mentions stars in the lyrics, and in the background they have stars put up on the wall.
intertextuality - there is no intertextualiy.
Need to sell the artist - ......
Lip syncing was good and the lighting was appropriate to the genre. The stars were linked to the lyrics which worked well. Which is one of Goodwins points.
We thought it was a bit short though.
Wasn't any voyeurism, and the video was repetitive.
They sold the artist by using flashy glasses. Which stood out in the dark lighting.
This video is similar to the original video, which means he is able to sell himself because he is recognised in his videos, which is intertextuality.
The video could appeal to a male audience because it is just females in the video.
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